2010 Competition Results

Congratulations to all the students selected to represent their schools at the 2010 MATHCOUNTS Manhattan Competition!

The competition would not have been possible without the generosity of our 2010 chapter sponsors:

NYU Courant Institute of Mathematics
The New York Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers

2010 Top 10 Teams:
1Hunter College High School
3Trinity School
4The Dalton School
5St. Bernard's School
6NYC Lab School
7Booker T. Washington (MS 54)
8East Side Middle School
9Columbia Grammar and Prep
10Park East Day School
Countdown Round Winners :
1Thomas Dumbach (Hunter College High School)
2Christopher Vazan (St. Bernard's School)
3Julietta (Jetta) Garbasz (The Dalton School)
4Ada Huang (Hunter College High School)
The Top 16 Students (written portion: Sprint & Target Rounds):
1Thomas Dumbach (Hunter College High School)
2Julietta (Jetta) Garbasz (The Dalton School)
3Christopher Vazan (St. Bernard's School)
4Ada Huang (Hunter College High School)
5Dean Deng (Hunter College High School)
6Aaron Zheng (Trinity School)
7Sam Morris (NEST+m)
8Natasha Narang (Hunter College High School)
9Lev Akabas (Booker T. Washington MS 54)
10Aviv Hargil (NEST+m)
11Arjun Mithal (Trinity School)
12Justin Lee (Trinity School)
13Jeffrey Yin (East Side Middle School)
14Jonathan Kasdin (The Dalton School)
15Devon Aronson (NYC Lab School)
16Xudong Zheng (Mott Hall School)
2010 Special Awards:
1Best New School: Columbia Grammar and Prep
2Most Improved School: NEST+m