Calvin Lee's MATHCOUNTS Manhattan Experience


"I am so grateful for the way MATHCOUNTS Manhattan got me started in math competitions. I have always had a passion for math, but it wasn't until I was introduced to MATHCOUNTS in 6th grade that I began to understand the difference between going through curricular math studies and honing the skills needed for competitive problem solving. I found that preparing for the MATHCOUNTS competition helped me to think more quickly and creatively, and MATHCOUNTS motivated me to practice hard and achieve. I also began to connect with other math enthusiasts near and far.

"In 7th grade, I was able to go to the New York State competition as a part of the 1st place team in Manhattan (from NEST+m), and in 8th grade, I went to States as the 1st place individual in Manhattan. At this second State competition, I placed in the top four and qualified to represent New York at the 2012 MATHCOUNTS Nationals in Orlando, Florida. It was an amazing experience for me to meet so many incredibly talented math achievers and to compete against over 200 Mathletes from all over the United States (plus it was fun going to Disney World). Our New York team won 4th place in the nation, and my teammates and I all scored in the top 56 individually.

"Now as a high school student at Stuyvesant, I participate in several kinds of math competitions regularly, and my dream is to someday qualify for MOSP (Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program) and train for the International Math Olympiad. I wouldn't even be considering reaching a goal like this without the inspiration I first received by competing at MATHCOUNTS Manhattan." - Calvin Lee, past MATHCOUNTS participant.