2013 Competition Results

2013 Top 12 Teams:
1Hunter College High School
3Collegiate School
4NYC Lab Middle School
5The Anderson School
6The Brearley School
7The Dalton School
8Trinity School
9The Spence School
10Salk School of Science
11Trevor Day School
12East Side Middle School
Countdown Round Winners :
1Serina Hu (Hunter College High School)
2Eric Zhang (NEST+m)
3Karen Chen (Hunter College High School)
4Chelsea Wang (NYC Lab Middle School)
The Top 16 Students (written portion: Sprint & Target Rounds):
1Serina Hu (Hunter College High School)
2Karen Chen (Hunter College High School)
3Benjamin Ho (Collegiate School)
4Christine Yang (The Brearley School)
5Max Everett (Hunter College High School)
6Steven Litvack-Winkler (The Anderson School)
7Tanya Hao (Hunter College High School)
8David Liu (Hunter College High School)
9David Moon (Collegiate School)
10Thomas Chu (NEST+m)
11Eric Zhang (NEST+m)
12Chelsea Wang (NYC Lab Middle School)
13Mike Fu (NEST+m)
14Bobby Ng (NYC Lab Middle School)
15Daniel Lee (Collegiate School)
16Anslem Cambridge (The Dalton School)
2013 Special Awards:
1Best New School: The Chapin School
2Most Improved School: The Spence School
3Top 6th Grader: Clay Papanek (Collegiate School)

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